The Shadow of Death

Kidnappings in Highmoon

Our adventurers began their journey in Winterhaven in a small tavern, they were meeting their adoptive mother Linora to see if they could piece together where Douven had disappeared to. After finding out that there had been some suspicious activity around the nearby town of Highmoon they decided that they should search that town for more clues after the rest of their adoptive siblings arrived.
They were just packing up and about to pay their tab when a group of mercenaries attacked an acolyte of Chauntea. Unsure of the cause Anastajia decided to defend the acolyte by ruffing up the mercenaries. A small tavern brawl insued and our heroes emerged victorious. The acolyte thanked them and told them he was heading to a town just past Highmoon.
Before the group managed to leave the bar the door burst open with their adoptive brother Ace declaring his presence and of course, his greatness with their sister Estella in tow. Now finally united our heroes (plus one acolyte) headed to Highmoon.
On the King’s Road Ryruni spotted some spear tips over the top of a boulder and was able to plan a counter ambush on a group of kobold thugs. After the quick but messy fight in which Darian sustained a heavy amount of damage, but was thankfully resuscitated by Ryruni. Upon searching the kobolds Anastajia was able to find a small dragon figurine with a symbol that Ryruni determined was the symbol of Shar, mistress of the night.
Finally arriving in Highmoon Ryruni and Darian headed to the local temple of the Red Knight while the rest of the party went to the tavern to question the bartender about cult activity. Through questioning multiple people in Highmoon the party decided to head off (after checking the local market) for the Dragon’s Burial site where there teacher was last seen.
Descending the steps into the maw of the dragon’s keep they found a gnome skulking about with some goblins and dragon-like creatures. Ace was able to see that they were keeping something or someone tied up in a bag at the entrance to the cave. They tried to be civil with the gnome by questioning him about the bag and his intentions near the burial site, but he decided insulting Anastajia was a better idea than being diplomatic. Unfortunately she agreed with his logic and decided to quickly rid the world of what she deemed one too many gnomes by crushing him with her heavy flail. Through an arduous battle the party discovered the bag contained their mentor, who had been bound and gagged. But, one of the dragon creatures made off with the bag into the tomb with him before any of them could catch him. What horrors await them inside the dragons tomb?

“My middle name is ‘a dangerous shadow dragon’!” – Ace Freedomsoul


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